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Editor-in-Chief, Volunteer Position


The EIC is the link between the publisher and the editorial staff. This position will take approximately 5-10 hours a week. Previous experience as a editor at a literary magazine is required. If interested, please apply with a cover letter and CV/Resume via email to with the subject line “Volunteer Editor-in-Chief.”

Typical responsibilities of EIC includes:

  • Heading all genre editors and being responsible for delegating tasks to staff members.
  • Deciding on whether a submitted piece will be published after it has been recommended for publication by the respective genre editor(s).
  • Setting and adhering to publication schedules, quotas, and being responsible for upholding and shaping the vision and aesthetic of magazine.
  • Approval of copy-editing and editorial design.
  • Rejecting writing that appears to be plagiarized, published elsewhere, or in violation of Longleaf Review’s stated guidelines.
  • Cultivating a community amongst editorial staff.
  • Handling reader and contributor complaints.
  • Taking responsibility for issues after publication.
  • Working to advance the success of the journal, i.e. growing readership, managing the journal’s presence in the literary community, selecting staff, evolving and preparing the magazine for future print publication.

volunteer Editors (all positions currently filled!)


  • 2-5 hours a week commitment.
  • Read, discuss, and decide as a team on what to accept through our Slack channel. 
  • Regularly communicate with Editor-in-Chief through Slack and Asana.
  • Edit 3-5 pieces for publication each issue.
  • Collaborate/communicate with authors during the revision/editorial process of their accepted pieces, if necessary.  
  • Previous experience a plus, but not required. 

Supplementary materials:

  • A paragraph or two explaining why you’d be a good fit with the journal (touching on work ethic, the journal’s aesthetic, and previous editorial experience, if any), and your preferred genre.
  • A list (or website) with your previous publications.
  • In lieu of previously published work, you can also supply us with a list of your favorite pieces published by other people, explaining why you chose them, and 2-3 unpublished pieces of your own. 
  • A copy of your CV/Resume. 

volunteer Readers (cnf, poetry, fiction)


  • 2-5 hours a week commitment.
  • Read and vote on submissions through Submittable.
  • Familiarity with Longleaf aesthetic. 
  • Previous experience is a plus, but not required. 

Supplementary Materials:

  • A short paragraph (less than 150 words) stating why you’d be a good fit with the journal.
  • Your preferred genre.
  • A list of 3-5 literary journals you love and why.

volunteer Graphic designer


  • 2-5 hours a week commitment.
  • Work with the Editor-in-Chief in planning the visual contents of the issue.
  • Ensure effective execution of the concept for the issue while maintaining the branding of Longleaf Review.
  • Produce cover images/art for regular issues and the blog.
  • Conceptualize designs for marketing materials and social media assets of Longleaf Review.
  • Photoshop/InDesign skills are required, and familiarity with Asana, Slack, MailChimp, and WordPress are desired.
  • Previous experience is a plus, but not required. 

Supplementary Materials/Desired Skills:

  • A brief report (less than 250 words) detailing areas for improvement in the present art direction of Longleaf Review, and your suggestions on how they can be implemented.
  • A portfolio containing some of your best work (may include unpublished pieces).
  • A copy of your CV/Resume.



  • 2-5 hours a week commitment.
  • Regularly curate and schedule posts for all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of Longleaf Review.
  • Share newly-published blog posts and contents of regular issues on all social media accounts of Longleaf.
  • Help to strategize the social media presence of Longleaf Review and grow the journal’s followers/readership.
  • Foster friendly relationships with followers. 
  • Keep track of and promotes new work of former contributors and staff members published in other markets.
  • Familiarity with Slack/Asana/Later app.
  • Previous experience is a plus, but not required. 

Supplementary Materials:

  • At least 3 pitches on how Longleaf Review‘s social media presence can be improved.
  • A copy of your CV/Resume.

volunteer BLOG/Reviews staff writer


  • Contribute at least one article/literature review per month for the Longleaf blog.
  • Work directly with the Editor-in-Chief in the process of pitching and revision.
  • Take on assignments tasked by the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Previous writing experience with a literary publication is a plus, but not required.

Supplementary Materials:

  • At least 2 pitches for potential blog posts with particular focus on literary culture, writing craft, reviews, art, or news.
  • At least 2 writing samples (may include unpublished pieces).
  • A copy of your CV/Resume

Ready to volunteer?

To apply, send a brief cover letter and all supplementary materials requested for the position you’re interested in to Please include “Volunteer Application [Position]” in the subject of your email. We look forward to hearing from you & promise to respond ASAP!