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“In the Kitchen” by Chaya Bhuvaneswar, Joyland Magazine.

“Bad Boys” by Nora Seilheimer, Door is a Jar, Issue 7.

“Ribs and Other Things We Cling To” by Kathryn McMahon, Passages North.

“The Arborist Falls in Love” by Cathy Ulrich, Gone Lawn.

“The Snow that Does Not Fall” by Cathy Ulrich, Third Point Press.

“Afterglow” by Clio Velentza, New Flash Fiction Review.

“Where Night Lights Tremble” by Clio Velentza, The Cabinet of Heed.

“Tiger’s Breath” by Anita Goveas, Dime Show Review.

“S/kin” by Anita Goveas, Literary Orphans.

“I May Never Be Clean Again” by Madeline Anthes, Atlas and Alice.

“Runners” by Madeline Anthes, Gone Lawn.

“Declaration” by Madeline Anthes, FlashBack Fiction.

“I Have Given Myself to Multiple Lobbies” by Alina Stefanescu, Formercactus.

“Statute 718.112A” by Ray Ball, Formercactus.

“Better to Eat You With” by Hannah Gordon, Jellyfish Review.

“Pretty Things” by Jennifer Todhunter, Bending Genres.

“A Man Who Helps the Neighbors” & “My Syllables” by Jennifer Fliss, Hypertrophic Press.

“Losing the House in D Minor” by Jennifer Fliss, Bodega Magazine.

“Nashville” & “Above the Fourth Cataract” by Marvin Shackelford, Atlas and Alice.

“Calling the Shots” by C.B. Auder, Formercactus.

“Climate Change in the Dark” by C.B. Auder, Pidgeonholes.

“The Conductor” by Sutton Strother, Ellipsis Zine.

“Brittle Arms” by Michele Finn Johnson, Necessary Fiction.

“This is a Thing You Think” by Ben Slotky, Unbroken Journal.

“A Hole Inside You, Growing” by Christopher Drew, New Flash Fiction Review.

“The Difference Between Flying and Falling” by Christopher Drew, Literary Orphans.

“Mystic Pizza II” by Travis Dahlke, Bridge Eight.

“The End of Something” by D.S. Levy, SFWP Quarterly.

“Summer of the Cicada” by Allie Marini, Psycho Pomp Magazine.

“Dropping Dimes” by Chloe N. Clark, Bull Men’s Fiction.

“Spoken Like Tongues” by Chloe N. Clark, MoonPark Review.

“I Can’t Explain Anything Anymore” by Mary Lynn Reed, The Cabinet of Heed.

Creative Nonfiction

“Moving Targets” by Allie Marini, The Rumpus.

“Can’t Eat Just One” by Joanna Brichetto, Humans and Nature.

“We Disappear Alone, Together” by Jad Josey, Pithead Chapel.


“Thirteen”Aus Seinem Herzen Keine Mordergrube Machen (don’t make a murderer’s hiding place out of your heart” by Allie Marini, Drunk in a Midnight Choir.

“Self Portrait as Utopian” by Bob Sykora, IDK Magazine.

“At the Museum of Mercy” by Betsy Housten, Cotton Xenomorph.

“doll in 4 houses,” “conjuring summer,” & “Misty Day, re-Imagined as the Lady of Shallot” by Allie Marini, Mojave He[art] Review.

“this golden age” by Allie Marini, Cease Cows.

“Day and Night,” “The Great Galaxy,” & “Singing Man” by Matthew Woodman, Mojave He[art] Review.

“Consolation to the Assembled” by Ray Ball, Amethyst Magazine.

“blank space,” “Stratigraphy,” & “The Last Supper” by Ray Ball, Mojave He[art] Review.

“i say tree” & “young poet with a stutter gives it a shot anyway” by Zackary Lavoie, Flypaper Magazine.

“Exit Happiness Enter” by Zackary Lavoie, Oxidant|Engine.

“Wild Ducks” by Tim Duffy, Cotton Xenomorph.

“Fractured” by Jim Zola, Pidgeonholes.

“Death of the Ladies’ Man” & “Panorama with Loneliness and Future” by Hannah Cohen, Cease Cows.

“Florida Fauna Suburbia” by Annie Frazier, The Cabinet of Heed.

“Deciphering the Oracle” by Annie Frazier, Philosophical Idiot.

“Any Persistent Creator,” “Gravity,” & “Death of the First World” by Terese Mason Pierre, Occulum.

“Nani” & “In a Bombed City a Woman Says Daughter For the First Time” by Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Porridge Magazine.


On #MeToo, elephants, and writing for writing’s sake: an interview with Chaya Bhuvaneswar, Formercactus.

On murder bunnies, levity, and freelance editing: an interview with Chloe N. Clark, Formercactus.

On masks, being an outsider, and dread: an interview with Alina Stefanescu, Formercactus.

Interview with Clio Velentza, Coffin Bell.

Interview with Ray Ball, Coffin Bell.

Podcast Interview with Hannah Cohen by Mike Sakasegawa, Keep the Channel Open.

microreview & interview: Hannah Cohen’s Bad Anatomy, The Friday Influence.

Weird Words with Chloe N. Clark, Pidgeonholes.


“Loneliness, and Other Ways to Split a Body” by Kanika Lawton, Ghost City Press.

“Ordering Coffee in Tel Aviv” by Caitlin Wolper, Finishing Line Press.

“Bad Anatomy” by Hannah Cohen, Glass Poetry Press.

“Synecdoche” by Sneha Subramanian Kanta, The Poetry Annals.

“The Science of Unvanishing Objects” by Chloe N. Clark, Finishing Line Press.

“This is How It Ends” by Allie Marini, BitterzoetPress.

“Upheavals” by Zackary Lavoie, Pond Beach Books.


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