“Breadcrumb #389” by Madeline Anthes, Breadcrumbs.

“The Weight of Cold” by Madeline Anthes, Spelk.

“Twist” by Z.Z. Boone, Bird’s Thumb, 1st place Summer Fiction finalist! Congrats!).

“Where God Suddenly” by Chloe Clark, Bird’s Thumb, 2nd place Summer Fiction finalist! Congrats!

“Samsara” by Christopher Drew, Flash & Cinder.

“Scrub Up” by Anita Goveas, The Brown Orient.

“Every Tiny Collision” by Jad Josey, Pidgeonholes.

“Million Pounds of Clouds” by Ben Slotky, Spelk.

“Being the Murdered Coed” by Cathy Ulrich, Pithead Chapel.

“The Octopus Princess” by Cathy Ulrich, Little Fiction.

“All the Space in My Eyes” by Tara Isabel Zambrano, Yemassee.

“Between Not Much and Nothing” by Tara Isabel Zambrano, Pidgeonholes.

“Bubblegum” by Tara Isabel Zambrano, X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine.

“Feeding Time” by Tara Isabel Zambrano, Okay Donkey.

“Solstice” by Tara Isabel Zambrano, Spry.

Creative Nonfiction

“Bring the Bones Back” by Joanna Brichetto, flyway.

“How to Move Your Body” by Sutton Strother, The Citron Review.


“Ask Me About My Daddy Issues” & “During the Winter in Which My Father Leaves”  by Hannah Cohen, Pretty Owl Poetry.

“Breadcrumb 383” by Ray Ball, Breadcrumbs.

“Exposure,” “Seeing Doctors,” & “Go Home Again” by Betsy Housten, Burning House Press.

“A Flick of the Wrist” by Allie Marini, Meow Meow Pow Pow.

“Here in My Heart Be Dragon,” ” Improv,” “Party Dress,” & “Degrees Fahrenheit” by Allie Marini, Tiny Flames Press.

“If Florida Was A Man, This is How I’d Miss Him” by Allie Marini, Burrow Press.

“This is My Depression Poem” & “for Muriel, as i pack” by Allie Marini, FlyPaper Magazine.

“The Nazi Flag in His Parents’ Attic” by Caitlin Wolper, Yes Poetry.


Poetry Mini Interviews with Allie Marini: Part One, Two, & Three

more Exciting News
“The Balloon Animal Artist Goes to the Funeral” by Jennifer Fliss won her the 2018-2019 Pen Parentis Fellowship! Congrats, Jennifer!

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