“Everyone Chipped in for the Princess Titanic” by CB Auder, Meow Meow Pow Pow.

“The Rellies” by ZZ Boone, Bird’s Thumb.

“Someone Else’s Sleeper” by Chloe N. Clark, Drunk Monkeys

“The Width of Your Body Apart” by Chloe N. Clark, Noble/Gas Quarterly.

“This is the Color of Your Eyes in the Dark” by Chloe N. Clark, Noble/Gas Quarterly.

“The Shape of Us” by Christopher Drew, Reflex Fiction.

“Inside, A Stone” by Christopher Drew, Reflex Fiction.

“Yolk” by Jennifer Fliss, Syntax & Salt.

“Frau Roentgen’s Left Hand” by Anita Goveas, Flashback Fiction.

“Half-and-Half” by Anita Goveas, formercactus.

“Tightrope Walkers” by Steve Lambert, Bull Men’s Fiction.

“The Color of the Sea at Noon” by Kathryn McMahon, SmokeLong Quarterly (finalist for SmokeLong Quarterly’s Award for Flash Fiction).

“The Hive Vandal” by Carolyn Oliver, New Flash Fiction Review.

“The Lord’s Bears” by Carolyn Oliver, jmww.

“Pica” by Cheryl Pearson, Spelk Fiction.

“Great Secrets of an Unknowable Past Unfurled” by Marvin Shackelford, Jellyfish Review.

“Facebook Post #917” by Alina Stefanescu, formercactus.

“The Difference Between a Window and a Mirror” by Alina Stefanescu, Wraparound South.

“Two Brunettes” by Alina Stefanescu, Ellipsis Zine.

“The Conductor” by Sutton Strother, Ellipsis Zine.

“In the Night” by Jennifer Todhunter, formercactus.

“One for You” by Jennifer Todhunter, Burnt Pine.

“Being the Murdered Actress” by Cathy Ulrich, Cleaver Magazine.

“The Sky is Nothing at All” by Cathy Ulrich, formercactus.

“Snowstorm” by Tara Isabel Zambrano, Atticus Review.

Creative Nonfiction

“Moving Moon” by Nora Seilheimer, The Collapsar.

“Where I Find You, or Else I Wait” by Sutton Strother, Atticus Review.


“Cooking with Salt” by Ray Ball, Dirty Paws Poetry.

“Questions for Science,” “You’d Be Home Now,” & “Geologic Maps of Places I Belong To” by Chloe N. Clark, Graviton.

“Two New Orleans Sonnets” by Timothy Duffy, OCCULUM.

“Farm Nights” by Annie Frazier, North Carolina Literary Review (Best of the Net nominee).

“Badlands” by Betsy Housten, Burning House Press.

“Touch and Go” by Betsy Housten, Ellipsis Zine.

“Finding Words & New Orleans Love Song” by Betsy Housten, Bone & Ink Press (Best of the Net nominee).

“The Charges Against Us” by Betsy Housten, Vagabond City.

“The Wrong Drawer” by Betsy Housten, formercactus.

“What It Means & Nocturnalist” by Betsy Housten, Terse Journal.

“#000000” by Kanika Lawton,  OCCULUM.

“Attention” by Terese Mason Pierre, Chaleur Magazine.

“Live from New York, It’s Me Deleting Your Number & Googling Photos of Alex Moffat Again” by Rachel Tanner, Drunk Monkeys.

“World Famous Shakes” by Rachel Tanner, Bad Pony Magazine.

“The Virginia Flaggers Erect Another Confederate Flag In The Commonwealth Of Virginia” by Hannah VanderHart, Dirty Paws Poetry.

“Hypochondria, Least Powerful of the Greek Gods, Reads Her Tarot” & “Mightcould” by Emily Paige Wilson, A Velvet Giant.

“Mademoiselle X Tries to Remember Who She Was Before the Delusions” by Emily Paige Wilson, Noble/Gas Quarterly.

“Tuesdays Cut Through Me” by Emily Paige Wilson, Cotton Xenomorph.


Chloe N. Clark & Emily Paige Wilson both have work in Undead: A Poetry Anthology of Ghosts, Ghouls, and More, which is available for pre-order.

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