Sept-Oct Contributor Successes!

It’s a goddamn circus of amazing literature, y’all.


“Tell Me I’m Different” by Maddie Anthes, Cleaver Magazine.

“The Intimacy of Objects” by Chloe Clark, Jellyfish Review.

“On the Point Between You and Infinity” by Chloe Clark, Okay Donkey.

“Fragments” by Timothy Duffy, Rhythm & Bones.

“The Fire She Feels” by Kate Finegan, Flashback Fiction.

“Pieces of Her” by Jennifer Fliss, Duende.

“Dischord No. 35” by Beth Gilstrap & Jim Warner, Duende.

“Segmented Moments” by Hannah Gordon, Okay Donkey.

“Let’s Sing All the Swear Words We Know” by Anita Goveas, Lost Balloon.

“Vodka, Vodka, Vodka” by Cindy House, Wigleaf.

“The Miracle Landing” by Jad Josey, Bird’s Thumb.

“The Girl Dies at the End” by Kathryn Kulpa, MONKEY BICYCLE.

“Lake Life” by D.S. Levy, Cotton Xenomorph.

“Mushrooms Are Like Secrets” by Kathryn McMahon, Atticus Review.

“Breathing Room” by Marvin Shackelford, Wigleaf.

“Field Guide to Lonely and Secretive Birds” by Marvin Shackelford, Necessary Fiction.

“George Washington in Conversation with Jesus Christ” and “At the Very Last Moment and in the Most Surprising of Ways” by Marvin Shackelford, Five:2:One.

“Trying to Put It Away” by Marvin Shackelford, Split Lip Magazine.

“David is Saying Giants” by Ben Slotky, Pidgeonholes.

“Six Things You Can’t Give Up” by Alina Stefanescu, Gone Lawn.

“Mummy Blood” by Sutton Strother, Cheap Pop.

“Spec Script: What Savage Beast Survivor (Survivor: Apocalypse)” by Michael B. Tager, Barrelhouse.

“The Shush of Blood Surfing Through Her Body” by Jennifer Todhunter, Jellyfish Review.

“Being the Murdered Babysitter” by Cathy Ulrich, Passages North.

“The Spaces Between the Stars” by Cathy Ulrich, Atticus Review.

“The Whole Girl Detective Thing” by Cathy Ulrich, Black Warrior Review.

“A Thousand Eyes” by Tara Isabel Zambrano, PANK.

“Bird Bones” by Tara Zambrano, Gone Lawn.

“New Old” by Tara Isabel Zambrano, The Southhampton Review.


“Body of Friendship, or Another Piece on Love” by Jennifer Fliss, Sunlight Press.

“Pieces of Me in Michigan” by Hannah Gordon, The Coil.

“This Is All We Need” by Jennifer Todhunter, Atticus Review.


“Dionysus Promised to Let You Have Another Glass” by Chloe Clark Likely Red Press.

“Desert Fathers” by Hannah Cohen, Cosmonauts Avenue.

“New-Hearted,” “All My Friends Have Great Taste in Music” & “Love Letter With Facts” by Todd Dillard, Pidgeonholes.

“Shot for Shot” by Kate Finegan, Juniper.

“early october” & “My father stands in clarion water.”  by Zackary Lavoie, Empty Mirror.

“45” by Allie Marini, Collective Unrest.

“My Tattooed Heart” by Allie Marini, Cease, Cows.

“Signs” by Hannah VanderHart, Glass: A Journal of Poetry.


White Dancing Elephants, Chaya Bhuvaneswar’s new short story collection, was reviewed by Gabino Iglesias for NPR Book Reviews.


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