Dear Reader,

We fought and we cried, but we finally came to a decision and are more than excited to announce our first ever nominations for Sundress Publication‘s Best of the Net¬†anthology. This was such a difficult decision, as we love everything we’ve published this year, but we feel each person and piece on this list is more than deserving.

Good luck, y’all!


Stephanie, Kristin, and Tara

The Editors


All of Us Animals by Annie Frazier, Issue 2

Dear David by Yael van der Wouden, Issue 3

Creative nonfiction

My Mother, the Moon by Hannah Gordon, Issue 3

Mother I Make Up by Alina Stefanescu, Issue 3


The Kids That Look Like Me Keep Dying by Hannah Cohen, Issue 2

art vs. blowjobs by Lindsay D’Andrea, Issue 2

Why Black & Brown Boys Don’t Smile by Shirley Jones-Luke, Issue 3

Capreolsapien Gives Thanks Too Late by Zackary Lavoie, Issue 2

Everyone’s Mother is Dying by Emily Paige Wilson, Issue 3

Her Hysterectomy by Caitlin Wolper, Issue 3