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In this workshop, we’ll be playing with scope and scale in prose and poetry. We’ll stretch time like taffy, drawing out a single second. We’ll look at life, the universe, and everything through the wrong end of the telescope, so a hundred years shrink to a speck. We’ll explore what happens when we compress and/or cut an experience to its smallest form on the page, versus what happens when we expand and elongate a moment, a metaphor, a sensation. We’ll make the big small and the small big. This play will primarily take place within the container of short/flash forms of both prose and poetry, but there will be space to experiment in longer works, as well. Please note this is a generative workshop; it is not feedback-focused, though there will be opportunities to share your work.

In addition to written craft notes, exercises, and an interactive forum, we will meet live on Zoom on Friday at 7 p.m. & Saturday/Sunday at 4 p.m. (ET) for roughly 1.5 hours.

What participants have to say...

After half a year of quarantine, my gosh did it feel amazing sharing a space with almost 20 writers. The focus and intention of the Zoom room was thrilling.

I will try not to fangirl too hard here but! This was one of the most rewarding and productive workshops I've taken. The content of the program was the perfect mix of insights, prompts, and group work. Each session was well organized and Kate was so effective in sharing her expertise, guiding us through each section, finding the right examples to illustrate. I'm taking a lot away from this weekend (plus two new flash pieces!). I'll 100% be applying to another Longleaf workshop.

I loved the writing sprints and exercises. I thought the Zoom calls were really well-formatted and flowed super smoothly. The whole thing was incredibly organized. I LOVED IT.

I always LOVE the writing sprints. Sometimes it's the only writing I get done all day; I leave with something tangible I can continue to work on later, and I can incorporate all the things the discussion is bringing up while it's still actively floating around in my mind.

Kate has this incredible ability of introducing new and different ways of "questioning" our work and guiding writers to find the story and themes and images that are lurking under its surface. I could not have done the writing and revision I did over the weekend without this workshop.

Lastly, the people Longleaf workshops attract...so talented, generous, inviting, cool; I'm really grateful to be in this community that you're fostering.

About Kate Finegan

About Kate Finegan

Kate Finegan is editor-in-chief of Longleaf Review and novel/novella editor at Split/Lip Press. You can find her on Twitter @kehfinegan and at http://katefinegan.ink