Jumping Lines: Playing with Images and Words with Stephanie Trott & Erin Vachon

In this pay-what-you-can Weekend Workshop Intensive, we’ll explore how experimenting with images can open up your writing. How do we incorporate art into our work so that the whole piece sings? What can comics and image-play achieve that traditional prose forms cannot? And how do we play with text on the page as both a visual and narrative component? Writers will read and consider work by Lynda Barry, Sarah Minor, Sarah J. Sloat, and Calvin Walds as we prepare to jump lines between genres and vault into experimentation. Three live Zoom sessions will offer space for writing, discussion, and exploration, supplemented with craft notes, written exercises, and a workshop forum. Whether you’re new or experienced to the notion of image work, this workshop is an opportunity to explore the liminal spaces between word and image and will provide new perspectives for writers working in any genre.

In addition to written craft notes, exercises, and an interactive forum, we will meet live on Zoom on Friday at 7 p.m. & Saturday/Sunday at 4 p.m. (ET) for roughly 1.5 hours.

What participants have to say…

This was a fabulous workshop. There was a really great balance between reading and generating work, as well as between prompts and discussion during Zoom calls. I love starting out with the reading since it always introduces me to writing I might not have come across otherwise and gets me thinking in new ways about the workshop theme. I also appreciated that there were so many prompts to choose from, since that allows for a lot of variety and self-direction in creating new work.

I will try not to fangirl too hard here but! This was one of the most rewarding and productive workshops I’ve taken. The content of the program was the perfect mix of insights, prompts, and group work.

After half a year of quarantine, my gosh did it feel amazing sharing a space with almost 20 writers. The focus and intention of the Zoom room was thrilling.

The breakout rooms had plenty of time with each other and the transitions were very smooth. The prompts, encouragement to experiment, craft notes, and readings were all on fire. I did some of my best work in a long time.

I always LOVE the writing sprints. Sometimes it’s the only writing I get done all day; I leave with something tangible I can continue to work on later, and I can incorporate all the things the discussion is bringing up while it’s still actively floating around in my mind.

About Stephanie Trott

About Stephanie Trott

Stephanie Trott is Fiction Editor for Longleaf Review. She lives and writes in southeastern Massachusetts, though she'll always be a Jersey girl at heart. She holds an MFA in fiction from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she was a poetry editor at Ecotone. A lover of rocky beaches, little dogs, and strong coffee, her fiction appears or is forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, Blood Orange Review, and New South.

About Erin Vachon

About Erin Vachon

Erin Vachon earned her MA from the University of Rhode Island. Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and appears or is forthcoming in The Pinch, Brevity, Cheap Pop, and Cream City Review. She writes in southern New England, and considers it both a blessing and a curse that she lives in the area with the highest doughnut shops per capita. You can find her on twitter @erinjvachon or www.erinvachon.com.