About Us

Longleaf Review is an online literary journal founded in October 2017. We are committed to publishing fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry that encapsulates all it means to be human, with a particular interest in outsider perspectives that force us to look at the everyday in new and inspiring ways.


From the start, we’ve endeavored to create a beautiful online space to house our contributors’ work, and we’re now hoping to raise funds to pay those authors for their work. We can’t do this all on our own though, which is where you come in!

You can give us a one-time or recurring donation via the PayPal button below, or PayPal donations can also be sent from your account directly to ours at longleafreview@gmail.com.

Funds will go toward the cost of offering honoraria ($20) to contributors, paying for operations such as web hosting fees, and building up resources to offer honoraria to our incredible all-volunteer editorial staff. Donations over $50 will be given special shout-outs below!

Funds raised above what is needed to cover these basic costs will be used to increase the honoraria we pay contributors and to pay our editorial staff.

Thanks for all your support, y’all.