black honey

I see you tripping down the hill

stick out your tongue    new skate shy

old-eyed roan jenny on a sticky lead

frog blood rubber         soles and sugar sugar sugar

wet pepsi   slugging in the shuffle bar

snot-roses bats out tonight

I let you inside              my house

flies dance your head


swaying and you’re      rubbing my earlobes with strange palms


rat’s nest rat’s nest you pretty         you make me laugh

touch my walls   

I show you Mary’s breasts

strange desk                bisections of soft marble

souping themselves


I show you

how I cut them off her

I show you

I’m just another cow from hell

Hey! that’s my boy in jeans

by river by the

lake the water

the fishes the

special gas station

not that I care

slushee pilot talk

my places amped up

Hey blondie I’m sorry I touched

all the blue pills   in your bathroom


planted them in your             begonias gave them wings

sucked battery acid               from your dead walkman


slop hand-hold    maim

my arm               wooden

knife your name my name yours


I place the dollar bill on the counter

         and you look at me