Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s, new research finds

by Jason Harris

You say the earth is mad.
              You read a book about

life violently taking
              the body in a new

direction. You reach your
              arm behind your head. You

remove a kneecap from
              your throat. You pull your thin

fingers apart. You show
              me a choice we’ve made. You

tell me you love me and
              I live in it – the affection.

Isn’t it crazy how
              at this moment we are

both alive. How we are
              spinning and spinning and

our feet don’t leave the ground.
              How we close our eyes

and darkness is no longer
              orbital. This closure, this

darkness is not new. Is
              revolutionary. Is animal.

Is a slingshot into
              compost, a blooming, a

breathing. We are delicate.
              Unaware of what we’ve done.