Jumping Lines Workshop Reading List

by Stephanie Trott & Erin Vachon

In this workshop, we’ll be vaulting over the line between genres as we experiment with image-play in our writing. Before our first Zoom meeting, please consider one or more of the following texts and take some general notes on how images and words interact on the page. How do these authors use visuals to transform their prose or poetry? What excites you about a particular author’s technique? What surprises you about how they incorporate art? You can discuss your thoughts in our workshop forum in the introduction thread. NOTE: You do not need to buy every book listed here—though they’re certainly all worthy of attention!

Syllabus by Lynda Barry, 2014, Drawn & Quarterly

Bright Archive by Sarah Minor, 2020, Rescue Press

Hotel Almighty by Sarah J. Sloat, 2020, Sarabande Books

Flee by Calvin Walds, 2021, Split/Lip Press