capreolsapien gives thanks too late

first flurry with these antlers watch me shed

them watch them glitter all the way down
shorter winters means less time to break this piece
off shorter winters means more ticks
in spring i cannot die i have too many things to thank i need
to thank the pines for letting the snow melt
for letting grass grow between their feet i need to thank the dying
mother talking to her sister dying faster i need to thank mud water how
do i say this hatred is a name for a mill churning
famine famine famine billowing babies
malnourished in coffins shaped like abandoned
mobile homes why did this little boy drizzle
a sad face onto his christmas cookie what do you
mean ten thousand years ago i was ten thousand
times more massive than i am now as time stretches
i become more and more missing what’s sweeter the taste
of purple clover meadows or golden shoots from the wetlands
both happen when i die i’ll choose that which i chew
cloven hooves either way