Your DNA Results Are In & the Researchers Send Their Condolences

by Taylor Kirby

Ancestry Composition (by region):

            you are predisposed to dislike large rooms.
            growing up in small spaces made your belongings look
            more statistically significant when compared against
            your friends’ multiplicity. in your first apartment
            with a walk-in closet, you’ll fall
            asleep under the collar bones of empty
            coat hangers. you only know how to be the smallest body
            of a nesting doll.

Health Predispositions:

            you have a mother, but you do not have a mother.
            we can see that on the tests. estrangement is like the biopsy
            you’ll need when you’re 37-years-old. both are inherited.
            we don’t talk about that enough. your mother would have
            been happier if she took a scalpel to her parents, too. 

Research Questions:

            why do sad people in their late 20s love growing plants?
            why do you pay bills late even when you have the money for them?
            why can’t you sleep?
            why can’t you be happy for people who have tuition-paying parents?
            why don’t you grieve right?
            why can’t you sleep?
            you should miss her more, right?
            why can’t you sleep? 
            now that you know you’ll need a biopsy, will you go?
            what if we said she needs one now?
            would you talk to her?
            would you?

Photo by dullhunk