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“But this is something else, and she must know it. At first glance I think it’s a glove, but it doesn’t droop the way a soaked glove should. Then I realize it’s alive—or was.”

“The Loosening Grip” by @Rebb003 is up on the site today! Read it here:


“She wrote about the man who sold balloons in the train station, how one of them floated off and got trapped against the ceiling, a balloon that read Congratulations! She told her the outside world was cruel and boring.”

This STORY by @fraylie!! 🎈🥀🎈


Every line in this story by @amy_stuber_ is stunning and we couldn’t choose just one. So here! Read them all! There’s a cooking show and Karl Knausgard (it’s as wonderfully strange as you think) and, you know what, just go ahead and enjoy yourself:


“We fancied the wet body our own A secret treasure to spelunk through Riches for none but we Returning the whale was soso still It did not complain when I crawled inside with my one can and my no candle”

“The Wet Body” by Alec Prevett: