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“When we found the Right Whale calf flopsputtering on our beach as a minnow flopsputters we did not tell our parents”

Happy Sunday, y’all! We have a new poem up by Alec Prevett today:


“The veiled woods say she is lost. Yet she cannot not follow, even if she will be punished for this fading never, beautiful crushing of leaves underfoot, a wild silence.”

Read @uhume‘s gorgeous story here:


“With the lights from the trailers reflected in the dark, rippling glass of floodwater, it looked like the trailers were already floating, like ships bobbing on some dark ocean.”


Series 2 has launched! Read the first piece by @knownforms here:


We’re so excited to announce that Series 2 will kick off tomorrow with an incredible piece by @knownforms, y’all! 🎉✨🍾 https://t.co/73trlGRwlu longleafreview photo