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dear david: an advice column

Dear David

In which Sir David Attenborough speaks of rejection, finding one’s voice, and the importance of fighting to be seen.

yael van der wouden

Yael van der Wouden is a writer and mixed-bag diaspora child situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands. One time she rescued a mouse from being eaten by a snake, but when she took the mouse home the dog then got it. This still makes her sad. In her advice column, Dear David, she channels the beautiful spirit of Sir David Attenborough. She's currently working on a collection of short stories about women and monsters.

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“Another sign DeeDee is my dead grandmother is that she never walks barefoot anymore. You’re only as healthy as your feet are warm, she says.”

We have a strange, new flash from Michelle Geoga this week:


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“You knock as if her headstone
knows forever already ended”


“softly –a mouth for a mouth
is how it sounds :an avalanche”

We have five beautiful poems from Simon Perchik this morning: