Common Threads: Reading Lists

by Kate Finegan & Stephanie Trott

In this workshop, we’ll be digging into your existing work to find the common threads that could be woven into a collection. Before our first meeting, please select one of the following reading lists and take notes on the common threads that you find in the pieces. Consider what holds each collection together and how the writer varies these commonalities to create echoes, but not redundancy. Each reading list also includes interviews with the author so that you can see how they went about crafting their collection. You can discuss your insights in the workshop forum. Note: You are not required to buy the full collection for this workshop (although all of these would brighten your bookshelves).

Tyrese Coleman – How to Sit (CNF)

How to Sit by Tyrese Coleman

Sabrina Orah Mark – Wild Milk (flash fiction/prose poetry)

Wild Milk by Sabrina Orah Mark

Ashleigh Bryant Phillips – Sleepovers (short stories)

Sleepovers by Ashleigh Bryant Phillips

Todd Dillard – Ways We Vanish (poems)

Ways We Vanish by Todd Dillard