He waves and smiles and says
you guys look like celebrities
the black jacket and the blond hair
and wow now in this light
he’s off with spit froth and eyes wide
I got two springs in a row coming
one at the high water point in the Rockies
four thousand fourteen feet above sea level
and now here since it’s Thursday right
today’s Thursday isn’t it
church has free lunch from local restaurants
and man do they know how to spice it
I’ve got a Master’s degree in Australia
left my nark in the courtyards of Amsterdam
yoga lawyers bookstores bars
gray cut-outs in windows like it’s 1873
as if time is always so you never die
but every five years they open a grave
and they put another body in
can you imagine churning up the dead
and what that would do to your mind
I mean everything is until you think about it


Image Credit: Rocks and Monk