Waiting in Bed

The silhouette of a dove mid-flight, filled with a cloud-speckled sky. Underneath it, the dark waves of an ocean, from which a boat emerges. The boat has “Sea Witch” written on its side, and its bow is adorned with the shape of a woman. On the boat, a nude woman with a melancholy expression and hair the same red as the apple she holds with her left hand. Behind the boat and the woman, a square filled with the circles of ripples of pond water and the raindrops that cause them. Above, two blue and yellow fishes kiss against a background of a blue sky with two yellow clouds.

waiting waiting waiting
opening, watching stars fall i lived like nothing mattered
flowing and flown
emerge in the future, no matter
far away
I want this world


A man and a woman embrace their skin pink and purple. Above them a sky begins as lightning storm but turns into a yellow and blue sunset. The woman’s hair extends as if to make a road, and at the end of this road a small figure of a man stands with their back toward us. The man seems to be looking at the monumentally larger upper torso and face of Venus from the painting The Birth of Venus.

…very good.
The sounds of love-making are eternal
A burst it touched
What magical reeeal hard!
C’mon, big boy.
So close
Not so fast now