mothman fucks me from behind

by Derek Berry

sing, the guttural & saccharine

taxonomy of shame:     what want demands

     the body forgives

sing, reckless want,
soft as feathered silk,
white furred skin.
coax pleasure.
the spine bends like a bridge
close to collapse.

sing, malady of glee,
in a broke-down car parked roadside.
astonish the wings’ beating, discover
how easy awe might be extracted
from the body. relish this
epiphany of miracles erupting
under our skin.

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Returning the whale was soso still It did not complain when I crawled inside with my one can and my no candle The mouth the humid mouth was like a tunnel of warm sponge I thought A whale is smaller from the inside I thought This is what my heart would look like from the middle