by Ryleigh Wann
"Praise" is a collage created from Gelatin printing. Gelatin printmaking is a planographic process using a non-toxic plate of gelatin. Text set in Garamond is spread across a print pulled from laying out a doily, stones, seashells, eucalyptus leaves, and string to create white space juxtaposed with red and black paint. The collage incorporates polaroids, magazine clippings, and pressed flowers.

Mahogany board by swelling board
sits still on a hill between 
yellow birch. The dogs down the road 
sing to each other, while a dead calf
lays beside the pin. Black fur, lashes
half-closed on blacker eyes. I feel
like her, or like I once was her,
gentle and soft. The forgotten runt.
Poor thing. The birds might come. 
Small cabin, cedar scent 
in the fireplace gaze, 
porch swing holds a polaroid, 
steel strings, and a painted mug 
of merlot. This is where 
love will rise, in a crook 
of a mountainside cabin, 
the subtle breeze a lullaby
see it blaze
through the underbrush, how it glows
in the bleached sunlight.