Sleepless Night #113

by Sarah J. Sloat
 A page torn from a book called “Sleepless Night,” where most words are obscured by strips of paper. At the bottom right there is a collage showing two old-fashioned figures wrestling. One of them, holding a dagger, is fastened to the ground with thread.


managed to squeeze a drop of blossom into my face

What more could a body ask for? I skipped the pondering

I got up and happened

A wineglassful of martyrdom

A page torn from a book titled “Classic Crimes,” on which most words are obscured by strips of old discoloured paper. A small collage at right shows a pitcher upon a playing card resembling a red and white cloth. The pitcher emits a dialog balloon full of blue sky and clouds.

A wineglassful of martyrdom was duty but wandering, wild, and fiery, was nice cold water,

Header image credit: Sarah J. Sloat

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