Dear reader,

Vida's #saferLIT badge, a blue circle with white star and red text centered that reads #saferLIT
VIDA #saferLIT badge

We’ve pledged with VIDA’s #saferLIT campaign on social media, but we want to make it clear to everyone who visits our journal what exactly this means.

We will not tolerate any form of abusive behavior or bigotry in the stories we publish, nor the authors who write them. This means no anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, or stories that in any way perpetuate negative stereotypes. This isn’t an indictment on anyone’s political beliefs; it’s simply a requirement for basic human decency.

We also reserve the right to take down any previously published works if we find out an author has sexually harassed or assaulted anyone. If one of our editors or readers practice any of these behaviors, they will be let go too.

We believe survivors and stand with all marginalized groups against oppression. This is an inclusive journal and we plan to run it with these ethics in mind.

This means that, for us, pledging with VIDA’s #saferLIT campaign was never a question. You can learn more about their campaign here, but we’re also including the pledge in this letter so it’s clear exactly what our pledging means.

Longleaf Review pledges:

“To not harass or abuse anyone, nor to be a bystander.

To create a workplace and overall work environment in which sexual harassment and assault are not tolerated, abetted, or ignored.

To publish work free from bigotry, sexual exploitation, and abuse.

To believe victims who come forward about their experiences, and to do what you can to assist in getting help and address the situation immediately. To not deny the experience, gaslight, or dismiss those who come forward.

To create and disseminate clear guidelines of appropriate conduct (and what this entails) and clear guidelines for public and private response should an employee, volunteer, author, or audience member engage in misconduct or patterns of harassment, whether in-person (at the press’s workplace or affiliated events) or virtual.

To make your office, publication, and events as safe as possible and your press or journal a business that will respond with sensitivity and seriousness to the actions of its workforce and author list.

To do more than just read and nod at this pledge, but to also actively engage in and encourage all of the above actions whenever necessary.”

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at longleafreview @ gmail dot com. Likewise, if you need to talk or report abusive behavior, we will always listen.

With love,

The Editors